Attacking the Darkness!


Vivid dreams swirl in your heads as you pass in and out of consciousness. There is pain, there are faces of strangers, voices in an unfamiliar tongue. Memory of the events that passed are vague and choppy.

What happened? What led them to this semi-sleep of tormented dreams? The snow… that’s right! There was a rumble, and then snow—moved so fast! And then falling… and DARKNESS.

Caldorraksondorlak and Slade are the first to begin making sense of their surroundings. They are lying down on a soft bed in a low-ceilinged room. Though unable to see, they’re unaware if they are in the same room. Though comfortable and apparently nourished, panic swells within them as they discover they’re bound to the bed, unable to rise!


vurcease igrayne01

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