Aeryn "Dragonsbane" Winterborn

The Lawful Warrior


Aeryn is a statuesque female human aged twenty-two. She has long, dark hair reaching to her waist that she wears in a high ponytail and icy blue eyes that hide a lot of pain. She is pale but toned from years of fighting. The heavy suit of mail and boots she wears make her look much bulkier than she actually is. She is Damaran-born and the last of the Dragonsbane dynasty.

Her family, the Dragonsbanes, were one of the world’s leading firebird breeders. In her youth, they owned a lively firebird farm (made of stone, obviously) where they raised and trained and raced these docile animals for sport. Aeryn even enjoyed owning a pet firebird named Pecky in her misspent youth. She and the creature were near inseparable until his untimely demise at the hands of the evil Frostmantles.


Born into a family of privileged nobles—the famous Dragonsbane dynasty—in the wild, wintry kingdom of Damara, Aeryn spent much of her life enjoying all that money had to offer. Given that she was the only child in her family, her father, King Gareth Dragonsbane, doted on her and treated her like he would a son, teaching her how to fight, hunt, and fish, while her mother, Queen Christine Dragonsbane, taught her the finer arts of dance, song, and the lute. Although she received the very best training, she was sorely remiss in etiquette, which didn’t endear her to many of the locals—and which actually earned her the loathsome moniker of “spoiled princess.”

When she was just a teenager, Aeryn’s parents were slaughtered in a violent coup d’├ętat led by Yarin Frostmantle, the usurper, forcing her to flee the land. Although they thought they had successfully assassinated her, the last heir to the old Dragonsbane dynasty, and dismantled her father’s kingdom, this was an oversight on the ambitious Frostmantle’s behalf. Frostmantle proved to be a petty, incompetent, and ambitious tyrant. For years, Aeryn took refuge in the Moonsea region, where nobody knew her. Around this time, she changed her name to Aeryn Winterborn so nobody would know who she was—and also to pay tribute to her northern heritage. After years of honing her skills, she made her way south to Hillsfar, which was led by the powerful wizard Maalthiir.

For a time, she offered her services for hire, becoming a mercenary renowned for being able to get the job done. She earned quite a reputation for herself, and it was not long before Maalthiir took her into his employ. Working for the wizard was demanding; he was a greedy, sadistic individual who regularly arranged for random executions and torture within his realm. It was only by using her wit and cunning that she was able to avoid being the object of his anger a handful of times.

Soon, after growing disenchanted with Maalthiir’s stranglehold on the town, she hatched a plan to kill him and wrest control of the city herself, seeing how she had royal blood in her veins. The plan was botched, however, when the mercs she hired from the local tavern went to Maalthiir with the information, giving her up. The wizard, as expected, was livid.

On the dawn of her execution, Aeryn was able to free herself from her bonds and escape her prison, fleeing north to Zhentil Keep and then onward to freedom.

It is at this point in her journey that she meets up with the other party members to take on a quest. Ultimately, she hopes to make enough money, enough of a reputation, and earn herself enough followers to return home and retake the throne that is rightfully hers, the one upon which the usurper now sits.

Aeryn "Dragonsbane" Winterborn

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