The Lute Player's Father


A man of average build with one leg shorter than the other, he frequently finds himself walking in circles if not paying attention. He grows his mustache so to offer local maidens mustache rides for 1 GP.


Astur is Sovol’s resident stable master. Father of the Amazingly hot lute girl, he spends most of his time trying to keep her from sleeping with halflings, a race which she has always admired enough to learn their language. She’s a naughty little slut, so he locks her in her bedroom when she’s not playing the lute. What else can a father do? As such he is very distrusting of halflings. He finds that his position as stable master forces him to frequently do business with groups of adventurers who are typically belligerent A-holes. Thankfully he is quite adept at setting the mood for horse lovin’ as his horses are frequently stolen, lost, or eaten by so called “heroes.” He also has been known to engage in Yatzi at the bar and has started a popular Yatzi league which refer to themselves as the Lords of Bones! They welcome all challengers and meet on Tuesdays.

In recent times, a mockery was made of the stable master, and the townsfolk did ridicule him for not being able to fertilize his fields – literally. His farm fields went sour. The old man maintains, however, that he was bamboozled and sabotaged somehow. He has no proof, but continues to poke around into places and people that are not his business, eager to discover his ruiners.


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