Caldarraksondorlak II

The Wizard


Born into a wealthy noble family, Caldarraksondorlak II does not know who he really is. A few months after his birth, he was kidnapped by a group of forest bandits who raised him as theirs, albeit harshly. He was forced to shovel horse manure, (considering his height and the trajectory from a horse’s rear end to the top of his head, this is highly unfortunate!) tend to the group’s leather armor, and clean out their piss pots.

For as long as he could remember, he was called David and told he was an orphan. In fact, when the drinks were flowing heavily, the bandits would call for David, give him a cone-shaped red hat, and partake in gnome tossing. (This is the lesser known brother sport to dwarf tossing but is much more popular with those who cannot handle the girth of a dwarf but would like to toss a little person.)

David had only a few pleasures in life. He would talk to small burrowing animals in his free time. He had even made riding contraptions for them with his innate ability for construction. Usually this seemed to give the animals pleasure, but he gave this up when one of his one of his “rides” flung a mole several furlongs to its death. He would also read stolen books that were stored in the bandit leader’s tent.

David’s existence continued like this for more than 60 years, which is not a drop in the bucket even in a gnome’s lifespan. Despite his youth, his left limbs ached periodically. This could be from sleeping on his left side, but more likely it was due to being yanked around on a near daily basis. It seemed as though grabbing his left arm and leg were the preferred method to achieve optimal distance and accuracy during gnome tossing events. More painful though was the fact that David never truly felt he belonged anywhere. No one would explain to him how he came to join the bandits or why he was the only gnome.

One day when he was looking for another tome to read, he happened across a small pouch with a tiny gold necklace. As soon as he saw the pendant, he felt an affinity toward it. It read Caldarraksondorlak II in bold script. As soon as he saw this, he knew this was his true identity. As he pocketed the pendant, he was called in for another session of gnome tossing. He decided he would confront his keepers.

Upon entering the mead tent, he raised the pendant in the air and asked how he had come to be with the sorry group. One of the bandits tried to grab the chain and Caldarraksondorlak II, in a moment of rage, let some sort of magic flowed out of his fingertips. He had remembered reading a confusing tome recently, but as soon as this happened, the memory of the text strangely faded. The bolt blasted the man straight back to the mat where David had been tossed so many times.

At this, the bandits cowered in fear, not understanding how David the gnome had harnessed such power. (Never thought I would write that sentence.) Caldarraksondorlak II decided to flee, only to ever return to the bandits if he could decimate the lot of them.

He would quest to find the true nature of his hidden powers and find more details to his true identity. He would only ever use the name David in the future when dealing with others who reminded him of his bandit keepers.

Caldarraksondorlak II

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