Clerk of Sovol City Hall


Gerf is a portly fellow who is easily winded from simple tasks and enjoys sitting.


Gerf, an avid collector of jugs, bottles, and decanters is known across the land for his fine tongue and ability to judge wine. In a rough economy he was able to find a job by offering his favorite decanter to Mayor Bosh. Legend has it, that whomever possesses this decanter shall never know impotence or rickets. Because of nutrition deficits of the day it is often lusted after by many with wiggle legs. Thankfully most people die before impotence is a factor except when getting smashed. By cleverly entrusting it to the Mayor’s collection, Gerf knows that it will be protected and that he will always be able to keep an eye on it. Gerf fancies himself straight, but once had an awkward encounter with a fellow student in school. He prefers not to talk about it and tends to be a bit of a homophobe.


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