Girth is a very large woman who works as a maid at the local bar in Sovol. She drags her leg as she walks, speaks very few grunts, and has a drooling problem. She’s dynamite in the sack.


One night, Astur asked that his daughter go to slop the pigs in the barn. Taking the remnants of food from the bar, she poured the gruel into the troth only to notice an adolescent girl feeding amongst the swine. When asked for a name, the girl recoiled in fear of being struck. Through kindness and the gentle song of the lute, Astur’s daughter was able to lure the fat girl back to the bar. Having no real orphanage the barkeep decided that he would clothe and raise the girl as his own. Unfortunately she was never able to learn dialect of her own, but was able to understand and carry out few demands.

One night she wandered out of the bar and into the woods only to be caught in a bear trap crippling her leg. Her moans were heard by the local shop keep who brought her back and tended to her wounds. Thankful for his kindness, she found herself lusting after him and was able to pin him to the sword rack and know the pleasure of man-flesh. After returning her to the bar, she began to lust after other men, but has been unable to express her desire to feel love through her guttural tongue.


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