Honey Badger

Honey Badger was a beligerent gnome found floating down stream naked on a raft.


He is an ugly little gnome, flabby and pale, with a disposition to match. Thinking himself important he typically shouts to make sure he his heard over others. He also smells like Kobold droppings soaked in Goblin urine.


He awoke knowing only his name and that his abnormally tiny gnome parts were shriveled in the cold air. As he floated down the river on a raft, he was pulled to safety by a group of adventurers he didn’t recognize. Believing that the cause of his predicament was with in the cave, he decided to join up and seek revenge. However, his boorish behavior and uncouth tongue quickly illuminated the group as to why his ass was beaten and tossed on a raft heading down river.

As they sojourned through the caves into the tower, he became increasing abrasive and brash, outright insulting the team who rescued him and took a chance that he was an okay fellow. Upon encountering a Hobgoblin in the cave, he recovered his pants. Unfortunately the creature was knifed in the throat before it could tell details about how Honey Badger had come to find himself on the raft.

His past forever shrouded in mystery, he bitterly cursed his fate and returned to town with the adventurers. Shortly after failing to subdue a fleeing wizard, he turned on his saviors without reason. He was quickly put down as he sought fit to wield a sword bigger than he himself. He was missed by no one. His gold and armor were divided and he was never spoken of again.

Honey Badger

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