Hot Lute Girl

Daughter of Astur, Master of Lute


Hot Lute Girl number one, also known as Lithra, daughter of Astur, is a slender, beautiful woman, coming into her own though still acting like a young girl. She has a lustful look in her eyes which are set within her stern face, which only ever softens when she’s playing her music.


Lithra frequently entertains the good folk in the town of Sovol by playing her lute at the only tavern in the town. She plays masterfully, though since the times are dark, her tone is melancholy.

Above all else she wants the best for her father. Their farm has fallen on hard times, as all have lately in Sovol. All her coin earned from her fancies at the tavern go straight to her father to help pay his enormous debts to Mayor Bosh, who lent Astur great funds to keep his farm running when his soil turned sour in recent times.

Hot Lute Girl

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