Mayor Bosh

Mayor of Sovol


A man in his late 40s, nearing the end of his prime. He’s slightly overweight, but not fat.


The bloody days of Mayor Percival Bosh are behind him. A simple man, he took up the blade years ago to defend his family against the Mighty Grimace from the Eastern McD’Nald Swamps who threatened the local town. While no one really knows what happened in those caves, in the end It was Percival bosh, a farmer, a father, a husband who returned to the surface sans armor dragging the oversized head of the fearsome, purple beast. Bosh’s face, horribly transmogrified, no longer resembled the face of the man the town knew, but there was no denying the gentle soul. When asked of details of the battle, he simply stated that he had done what needed to be done and was content to retire to a life of honest work exchanging his sword for a plow sheer. Yet the people never forgot his bravery and in a few years time, when his community once again had need for him, he traded his plow sheer for a pen. Stoic and demure in manner, he rules with a gentle benevolence, as a true voice of the people.

Recently, it was discovered that he himself had a hand in the recent pollution of his land. When confronted, he claimed it was a necessary evil to protect his town. Before he could be further questioned, he escaped on his horse.

Mayor Bosh

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