The General Store Keeper


A beautiful man who is a bit light in the loafers, Merrick runs the general store. He is apt to take to the ladies, always looking for a fag hag.


Even as a child, Merrick was unlike other young boys his age. He often shunned farmwork and getting dirty for playing dress-up in his mother’s beautiful gowns and jewels. Although this caused his father much distress (especially when he once discovered him surreptitiously fondling a stableboy wearing nothing but a wig and garters), Merrick was an outspoken child who knew exactly what he wanted. When an argument over a pair of ruby red shoes led him to leave the farm and seek out a new life in Sovol, he found himself finally able to be the person he always wanted to be. Eventually he parlayed his love of dress-making into a full-fledged business when he opened the doors of his general store. Warriors and peasants of every stripe would filter into and out of his business each day seeking supplies and equipment, but only a few showed any interest in his beautiful creations, meaning his talent often went unappreciated.


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