Mole Number 2 (Mindy)

A mole, in the entrance of the cave.


Mindy is a grey mole who loves dirt.


Burrow Journal Weekly September 11th

Profiles in Our Town Spotlight: Each week we like to take a look at one of hardworking citizens.

Name: Mindy Noseshovel
Favorite Color: “brown”
Favorite Food: “Bugs!”
Favorite Quote: “Digging is fun.”
Favorite Sport: “Digging for bugs.”
Favorite Memory: “I once saw naked mole rat and was embarrassed and ran!”
Career: “Digging!”
Favorite Dirt: “Dirt!”

Mindy has been digging for Suberaneopolis for the past 24 months. Way to go Mindy!

Mole Number 2 (Mindy)

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