The Wind Pixie

The little woman with wings that came to warn the party...


An ugly and perverted little thing, what is actually a woman appears to be a fat slobbering man, 8 inches in height, with little rigid wings upon which she flies. Her clothes are sparse, but thankfully cover up the bits of her that you’d rather leave to mystery, such as where she keeps her little wand.


She is a wind pixie and as such worships the air and the sky. This particular wind pixie comes from somewhere unknown. When she encountered the party deep inside the caves, she was there to warn them of oncoming danger. It was during this time she made an aerial connection with Silver Shadow-Wraith, and made mention that they would meet again. Was it love in the pixie’s eyes, or a creepy lust that Master Slade Darkblade caught in a glimpse that no one else had spied?

The Wind Pixie

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