Frostmantle Citadel

Frostmantle citadelThis was once the home of the royal Dragonsbane family, and Aeryn “Dragonsbane” Winterborn, until the Frostmantles stages a coup and took over.

Today, this palace/fortress is occupied and militarized. It houses the core army of the Frostmantle family, which is mostly comprised of mercenaries.

The castle-city has three distinct sections:

  • The outer city, just within the main city gates. This is where the common folk live and do business.
  • The inner city, separated from the outer city by the older, original city walls. Nobles and lords live here, as well as soldiers and employees of the royal family. Here also lies various schools of magic, temples, libraries, and other high class public services.
  • The castle, where the royal family lives and King Frostmantle conducts his business and his wars.

Frostmantle Citadel

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