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Every city, town, cave, river, etc. – pretty much any geographical or societal feature – should be listed here.

  • Sovol – The town where the party gathered and went on their first quest.
  • River Jane – Small river flowing from the Spine of the World into the ocean where Sovol lies.
  • Kobold Camp – North of Sovol and west of the River Jane lies a small encampment.
  • Izzy’s Tower – In the rising foothills at the base of the mountains lies an old tower.
  • Frostmantle Southern Garrison Outpost – The southern-most outpost in the kingdom of Frostmantle, marking the edge of their domain.
  • Frostmantle Citadel – The militarized castle-city that was once the peaceful domicile of the Dragonsbane family, now occupied by the Frostmantles since the violent takeover.


  • Movement – Our decisions for how movement works, including running ad jogging.
  • Shape Shifting – How Shapeshift class druids make it happen.

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